Lab4U’s 2022 Impact – Thank you! ❤

Lab4U’s 2022 Impact: empowering future leaders Did you know that, by 2050, the UN estimates that […]
Aprendizaje STEM

Lab4Sea: Sailing Towards a Sustainable Future

Lab4U and Camanchaca are revolutionizing science education for four schools in the south of Chile by […]
STEM Learning

Mastering Scientific Knowledge: The Importance of Exercise

At Lab4U, we’ve launched our new Exercise feature. Test your knowledge with quizzes as many times […]
Science Education

Study Shows Using Lab4U Can Increase Young Women’s Understanding of Physics

The platform also increased interest in physics for both male and female students This is a […]
Social Responsibility

Women in mining for sustainable and equitable development

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 goals (Sustainable Development Goals, hereinafter SDGs) approved […]
Science Education

Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics

The aerospace industry has been predominantly male throughout history, but during the recent decades, more and […]

Biofuels in the aeronautical industry

Traveling by plane is an increasingly close possibility for people. Cheaper flights, more possible destinations to […]
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Welcome to the Lab4U Community!

If you are reading this, you are probably a new Lab4U user. Welcome! We want to […]
Science Education

7 Women who inspire us

Throughout history women have made significant contributions to science, yet many of their achievements have been […]
Science Education

Lab4U on the World Stage: Recapping the 2023 World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos

Lab4U was proud to be part of discussions on the future of education and work at […]
Science Education

From Mexico to space! The aerospace project that Boeing and PADF promoted together with Lab4U

The STEM Americas program supported more than 200 students from Querétaro, Mexico and involved work with […]
Science Education

Training the professionals of the 21st century in Colombia together with Brillas Foundation

Through the Experiment at School Program, the Brillas Foundation together with Lab4U gave access to quality […]
Science Education

Lab4U, Ashoka and Olivo Foundation transform our young people into Agents of Change through the development of STEM Skills

Three important entities come together to raise awareness and demonstrate that we can all positively impact […]
Science Education

Entel once again promotes the development of science and technology learning with the ExperimEntel Program

The program supports and encourages the learning of STEM skills for young people belonging to two […]
Science Education

SQM, Lab4U and Fundación VOA to offer solutions that inspire students, support teachers and transform educational communities with the NorTEduca Program.

The NorTEduca Program was sponsored by SQM and tried to promote the use of educational technology, […]
Science Education

STEM+Gender Program in partnership with Escondida| BHP promotes scientific education in girls and teenagers.

The initiative seeks to promote gender equality, the development of STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and […]

Lab4U Selected for Morgan Stanley’s Prestigious Multicultural Innovation Laboratory

Lab4U is the first Chilean-American company to be chosen for the program “An educational platform that […]

Lab4U’s 2021 Impact – Thank you ❤️

Introduction This year has been a strange year for all of us, online, hybrid, in person, […]
Digital Transformation

Entel Spearheads Critical STEM Education Expansion via Inventive Digital Learning in Partnership with Lab4U

Both companies are proud to announce the launch of “ExperimEntel,” a pilot project to promote STEM […]
Lab4U Scholarships

Boeing and The Pan American Development Fund Back Kids’ STEM Education with Lab4U Partnership

Lab4U could not be more excited to announce a new partnership with The Boeing Company and […]
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Lab4Chemistry’s brand new category 😱 Chemical Reactions!

Food decomposition, glucose formation in plants, engine combustion, metals oxidizing⏤these are just some of the countless […]
Lab4U Talks

Lab4U Talks Episode 6: Inspiring Students to Solve Real-World Problems with Martha Styer

In our last episode, Komal chatted with Sylvain about how our approach to education is vital […]
Lab4U Talks

Lab4U Talks Episode 5: Education Technology for the Future of the Workforce

In the previous episode, we talked about how to catalyze STEM education for the next generation […]
Lab in your Pocket

Meet Lab4Chemistry’s new tool: The color Inspector

Our perception of the world depends on what our senses can capture: shapes, textures, sounds, aromas, […]

Science education within your hands

SARS-CoV-2 or coronavirus, has been the biggest pandemic in the last 100 years. This has caused […]
Lab4U Talks

Lab4U Talks Episode 4: Catalyzing STEM Education for the Next Generation of Scientists and Problem Solvers

In the previous episode we talked about how we must reset the way we teach science, […]
Science Education

Lab4U’s 2020 Impact and more to come in 2021

An unforgettable year in many ways, these unprecedented times have united us as never before, science […]
Lab4U Talks

Lab4U Talks. Episode 3: Resetting the way we teach science is vital for all our future

In the previous episode we talked about how we could solve the problems of science education […]
Lab4U Talks

Lab4U Talks. Episode 2: Building communities of practice while implementing Lab4U

In the previous episode, Komal spoke with Nathan about the achievement gap, and his experience as […]
Lab4U Talks

Episode 1: Democratizing science education and reducing the achievement gap

How can we bring opportunity to every student, everywhere? It may not be easy, but it’s […]
Lab4U Talks

Re-imagining science education: New Podcast Lab4U Talks, by Komal Dadlani

Hello everyone, my name is Komal Dadlani and I am the CEO and co-founder at Lab4U. […]
Lab4U Scholarships

Lab4U Scholarship: Bringing science closer to students in high-need communities in times of COVID-19

The impact of the pandemic on schools and learning communities around the world has been incredibly […]

Science education in times of COVID-19

COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus, is an emerging, unprecedented, rapidly-evolving situation. It’s of concern to everyone […]

Back to school with Lab4U: A few tips to help you using our apps!

We are happy to support and walk you into this new school year as we welcome […]
Science Education

5 Women in Science, you need to know about

Recently, we celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, so we thought it […]
Science Education

9 Reasons Why you should implement Inquiry-Based learning in your classroom

Why is Lab4U Inquiry-Based Methodology essential for teaching science to the next generation? There’s a lot […]

The World Needs More Women in Science

At Lab4U we work everyday with the goal and desire to democratize science and make it […]
Science Education

Lab4U’s Tools to improve science education

We are here to support YOU! Tools to improve science education! At Lab4U, we know that teaching […]
App Lab4Physics

Do you want to teach your students about the Uniform Linear Motion?

Fly them to the moon! Lab4Physics comes with predesigned experiments so that physics teachers can save time […]
App Lab4Physics

10 reasons why schools love Lab4Physics

10 reasons why schools love Lab4Physics Lab4Physics is an educational solution designed to help physics teachers […]