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Lab4U and Educational Foundation El Salvador (FEES) Transform STEM Education in El Salvador Mining Camp


By Lab4U Team

We want to change the face of scientific education in El Salvador! Alongside the Educational Foundation El Salvador, we have developed the program “STEM in El Salvador Mining Camp” to enrich the educational experience of over 400 1st-year students from Liceo Diego de Almeida.

The work during 2023 of “STEM in El Salvador Mining Camp” focused on Biology, Chemistry, and Physics experiments, leveraging unlimited access to Lab4U tools and pedagogical materials aligned with the school’s curriculum. Through experimentation sessions, teachers facilitated deep, practical, and meaningful learning experiences, fostering interest and participation of students in science and technology.

In this first version of the “STEM in El Salvador Mining Camp” program, students from Liceo Diego de Almeida actively participated in numerous real-time practical experimentation sessions. The program, supported by the Educational Foundation El Salvador, provided access to educational materials centered around inquiry-based learning, and participating teachers received ongoing training, support, and guidance, ensuring a seamless integration of these resources into their class planning.

“We are very excited to reach the third region of Chile with the STEM in El Salvador Mining Camp Program, in collaboration with the Educational Foundation El Salvador. This initiative plays a crucial role in motivating Chilean students to explore the wonders of science and mining. STEM education is essential for cultivating the necessary talent in the 21st century, and this program undoubtedly encourages young minds to envision professional opportunities within the mining industry, which holds great prominence in northern Chile and, particularly, in the Copiapó area, being the last city-camp in Chile.”

We are committed to continuing to inspire passion for science and technology, paving the way for each student to explore new frontiers, thus becoming innovators and creators in the fascinating world of STEM.

El Salvador, the next epicenter of scientific exploration!

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