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Look what's new!

The brand new Lab4U App collects all our great Lab4Physics, Lab4Biology and Lab4Chemistry content in one place.

At Lab4U we want to continue being a support for our teachers and students to transform the way to approach science in their classrooms. This 2023 we’ve renewed ourselves to offer a better experience, more functionalities and STEM educational content that makes experimentation the best and most entertaining way to teach and learn physics, chemistry and biology, only by using a cell phone or tablet.

We’ve kept and integrated ALL of our tools such as the Colorimeter, Accelerometer, Plotter, Color Inspector, and Analyscope. Also, we have new content, new platforms and endless possibilities to train the scientists and engineers of the future.

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All for one and one for you
We’ve changed to offer you all of our solutions in just one single app, lighter, with new features and all the content and tools of Lab4Physics, Lab4Biology and Lab4Chemistry in one place, easier to navigate so you can access all the material you need to transform the STEM education.

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We are more than just experiments!
We have new content directly from the Lab4U App. Deepen your knowledge on STEM topics with our Blog, Podcast and multimedia. Make the most of all the resources that Lab4U offers you to enhance your scientific knowledge.


Curriculum alignment
We have a wide range of content that’s aligned to the educational curriculum, so that you can develop your science classes and expand into different topics. Also, discover educational resources from industries such as mining, energy, forestry, aerospace, climate change issues, renewable energy and much more!

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Lab4U Portal

Enjoy direct access from the Lab4U App to our Lab4U Portal, a meeting place for teachers and students to explore educational resources, engage with experiments, and enhance 21st-century STEM skills in the classroom. Exclusive for Premium users.

The pedagogy behind Lab4U App

The Lab4U App is built to help you spark your students’ curiosity and enhance their critical thinking through inquiry-based learning. By combining Lab4Physics, Lab4Chemistry and Lab4Biology tools and labs in just one app, we offer countless opportunities to strengthen their STEM skills and broaden their minds.

What's new?

New experiments, features, and content to bring STEM teaching closer to teachers and students.

3 labs, a single app… infinite possibilities!

Lab4U Portal

Direct access in the app button (exclusive for premium users)

Same Username

If you already have an active account, you will not need to create a new one

Lighter Feel

Our all-in-one app is still lighter and more dynamic than past Lab4U apps

New Home

All the content of Lab4Physics, Lab4Biology and Lab4Chemistry in one app

New sections

Introduces educational material across new and different formats: blog, podcast and videos


Covers a wide range of basic and applied sciences, organized according to industries and challenges.

Meet our laboratories

We strongly support knowledge acceleration for mass learning in our educational community.

The evolution of learning is in the DNA of Lab4U, releasing serotonin as you experiment.

The Chemistry between you and Lab4U is the Nucleus to generate a chain reaction towards the knowledge of sciences.

Encourage your students' curiosity with Lab4U!

I have some questions!

Lab4U is an educational solution that offers tools and experiments to help teachers and students get closer to science. The new Lab4U App integrates Lab4Physics, Lab4Biology and Lab4Chemistry all in one place for easy access to all of our content.
If you already have the Lab4Physics app, you just need to update to the latest version. If you do not have Lab4Physics or only have downloaded Lab4Biology or Lab4Chemistry, you can find the new Lab4U App on Google Play or in the App Store.
No. As of March 31, 2023, Lab4Chemistry and Lab4Biology will no longer be updated or supported. If you have Lab4Physics downloaded, however, all you have to do is update it to access the new features and continue receiving support.
The Lab4U Portal aims to be a meeting place for teachers and students. It's where teachers can manage their classes and access courses with all the content and tools available from the Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories. For students, its where they can connect with their teachers and access all Lab4U's library of content to meant to help them develop their research and scientific thinking skills.
We're happy to now offer all of our solutions in one unified, lighter app. It includes all the available Physics, Chemistry, and Biology content with new features, enriched resources and new platforms (a blog, podcast, and videos) so students can further expand their knowledge of STEM topics. We also offer a wide range of experiences aligned to the educational curriculum, so that teachers can more easily develop science classes using experimentation and an inquiry-based approach.
No need! To make things easy, we've transferred your information to the new Lab4U App, so you can use your same username and password.

Download the Lab4U App, Inspire the minds and innovators of tomorrow