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Shaping Future Professionals: Lab4U and Brillas Foundation Transform STEM Education in Colombia


By Lab4U Team

For the second consecutive year in collaboration with the Brillas Foundation, Lab4U has opened doors to quality STEM education for over 300 students in Villavicencio and Pachaquiaro through the Experiment at School Program “Experimenta en tu Colegio” in Colombia.

Dedicated to nurturing future professionals, the Brillas Foundation, partnering with Lab4U, strives to enhance access to scientific education for students at the INEM Luis Lopez de Mesa schools and the Santa Teresa de Pachaquiaro Educational Institution. This initiative benefits more than 300 students and 6 teachers, providing access to Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories, tools and educational content.

Estudiantado viviendo experiencias STEM de la mano de Fundación Brillas y Lab4U

This program empowers both educational communities to foster experimentation using the inquiry methodology. Teachers actively engage in inspiring children and young people to pursue STEM careers, contributing to the development of skills required in the 21st century. It shapes change agents who will enter the workforce with enhanced opportunities.

“After 18 months of implementation, we want to highlight the impact of Lab4U on participating teachers, who’ve felt motivated to step out of their comfort zones and apply Lab4U’s innovative structure and tools to improve their labs. This undoubtedly eases the transition between the traditional way of teaching sciences and the way we envision sciences could be learned.”, Lina Sánchez, Director of the Brillas Foundation.

In implementing the program, students participate in diverse experimentation sessions, honing skills, scientific research processes, and knowledge around key scientific concepts. The participating faculty receive ongoing support from the Lab4U team, including technical-pedagogical assistance, training, monitoring, accompaniment, and progress reports.

Komal Dadlani, CEO and Co-founder at Lab4U, sees the “Experiment at School” Project as a groundbreaking opportunity to impact and change education in Colombia. She hopes that students experimenting with Lab4U apps will be inspired to pursue careers in science and technology, given the increasing demand in STEM-related fields by 2050.

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