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Empowering Future Professionals: Lab4U and 3M Transform STEM Education in Quellón, Chiloé.


By Lab4U Team

In collaboration with 3M, Lab4U has opened doors to quality STEM education for over 150 students at the Colegio Quellón in Chiloé.

Committed to developing future professionals, 3M strives to improve access to scientific education for students at Colegio Quellón through the Lab4U program. This initiative benefits over 150 students and 2 teachers, providing them with access to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories, tools, and educational content.

Throughout 2023, the program has fostered scientific learning through inquiry-based methodology and experimentation. Teachers actively engage in inspiring children and young people to pursue STEM careers, contributing to the development of skills required in the 21st century. Forming change agents who will enter the workforce with enhanced opportunities is essential for our students to access more and better.

Empowering change agents to enter the workforce with enhanced opportunities is crucial for our students to access more and better professional prospects. We provide them with STEM skills and an innovative mindset, preparing them to face future challenges and lead transformations in society. This approach not only benefits individuals but also drives technological advancements and creative solutions to global problems, contributing to a more inclusive and dynamic job market locally and internationally.

Komal Dadlani, CEO and Co-founder of Lab4U, sees the project as an innovative opportunity to impact and change education in the city of Quellón, Chiloé, Chile. “Bringing science to isolated communities is crucial to democratize access to more opportunities and empower local talent, connecting Chiloé with the world of STEM. We are forging paths that allow every student to venture into uncharted territories, overcome challenges, and evolve as creative and innovative minds within the captivating universe of STEM.”

In implementing the program, students participate in various experimentation sessions, refining skills, scientific research processes, and knowledge around key scientific concepts. Participating faculty receive ongoing support from the Lab4U team, including technical-pedagogical assistance, training, monitoring, accompaniment, and progress reports.

Join Lab4U in building a bright STEM future! Drive change and innovation by supporting educational programs focused on forming change agents. Discover how you can contribute to improving opportunities for our students and their future careers, and be part of the STEM revolution.

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