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Empowering Science Learning and STEM Skills: Lab4U’s Innovative Partnership with Lincoln International Academy School


By Lab4U Team

In the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology, Lab4U makes a difference by transforming conventional classrooms into dynamic scientific laboratories. Over the past three years, the fruitful collaboration with Lincoln International Academy has not only revolutionized teaching methods but has also positioned the institution as a benchmark for STEM education in Chile.

The partnership with Lincoln International Academy involves the implementation of Lab4U tools for in-class experimentation, coupled with comprehensive support for the teaching team. This year, during the Science Week, a joint activity took center stage: a project to build propeller cars. Students competed to construct the fastest car, integrating Lab4U’s speedometer to reinforce physics concepts.

Throughout three years, the collaboration has extended its impact to both campuses of Lincoln International Academy in Lo Barnechea and Chicureo. With eight and twelve courses benefiting from the program respectively, a total of ten teachers actively participated in shaping the scientific landscape for students.

John Seaquist, Director of Lincoln International Academy, emphasizes the significant improvements observed by incorporating Lab4U’s educational solution into the institution. “As an establishment, we consider it fundamental to enhance science learning among students; it’s part of our purpose. That’s why we value the work done with Lab4U on this path. The initiative has driven us to expand interest in scientific knowledge and strengthen our offering in line with the Chilean curriculum, always with active participation from students and faculty,” he comments.

As part of a comprehensive solution, Lab4U provides a portal where teachers can access experimental content aligned with the educational curriculum, along with new pedagogical resources, including assessments, exercises, and the development of scientific research skills through Artificial Intelligence. The goal is to empower and motivate students in their approach to the sciences.

For Komal Dadlani, Co-founder of Lab4U, “Experimentation is key to acquiring deep and lasting knowledge in sciences. Moreover, this alliance aligned from the start with the educational objectives of Lincoln International Academy, and we worked as partners to revolutionize teaching and learning. We achieved excellent results, and in the future, we hope to replicate it in more institutions to disseminate STEM industries and themes,” she says.

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